Remembering Summer

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Burger Rant

Today, the lovely fast-food restaurant, A&W had their annual Muscular Sclerosis fundraiser.  Customers were able to donate for the past month or so, but on August 25th money from every Teen Burger bought across Canada went towards research for MS.  Unfortunately, I was unable to drive into town to by myself a burger or two and support this great cause.
Instead, I phoned my grandparents who were in town for the day.  I would be getting a burger for supper and helping those who have MS.  I thought for sure this would be something my grandparents would be willing to do.  It was not even out of their way.  My granny told me, however, that they were planning on picking up chicken.
This does not help anybody really!  Chicken is a great deal worse for the body than a burger and KFC does not have any fundraisers going to help find a cure for a horrible disease.
I pointed this out and would you like to know what I got in return?  "People don't help anybody with Lymes."  I honestly almost slammed the phone down.  I am so incredibly tired of hearing about Lymes disease.  She uses it as an excuse for anything and everything.  Quite often there are magical symptoms that she comes down with that are not actually associated with the disease.  It is simply something used to gain attention, and I am being deadly serious when I say this.
Apart from this.  Lymes disease is completely, 100% curable.  Yes some people spend years with it before they are diagnosed, but once they have been it does not take long to rid themselves of the disease.    People no longer need to support Lymes research because they have already found the cure! 
Muscular Sclerosis is still a mystery to scientists.  There is no known cause and no known cure.  Research has found a way to temporarily hold it at bay, but even that is not forever.  Some doctors have found a solution that cures some with the disease, but even this has not proved successful for others.
I understand that having any disease is a horrible experience.  Depending on what it is, it can be extremely painful and exhausting.  It can even take your life. 
How many family members or friends do you know suffer from MS?  This is something that affects millions of people all across the globe.  We should all contribute where we can.  I cannot afford to donate hundreds or thousands of dollars, but I know I can afford to buy one burger on one day of the year and even donate the remainder of my change.  Every little bit counts people; do what you can!

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Alright so it has been officially nine days since Jeff got down on one knee.  I still look at my ring and find it a little strange.  I love it when my family and friends who didn't know, grab my hand and go, "What the heck is this!?"  Apparently I have been blinding people a little with the amazing rock that is sitting on my left hand.  So far, no car accidents have occurred.
Jeff and I both want to clarify something though.  Just because it has been over a week, does not mean we have a date picked.  He is currently in MB and I am currently in ON until the end of the summer.  Why would we want to plan a wedding apart when in a couple weeks we can sit down together and really talk about it?  This is a massive step in our lives and yes, we are extremely excited... but we are also being patient.
So.  For all those who have been asking... whether it is those who ask every hour just to bug us, or those who seriously want to know, we have not picked a day.  We have not even talked about what season we want to have it in.  Give us a break folks!!!
When we know, you will know!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Are you shittin me!?

So the day was Tuesday, August 9th, 2011; Jeff's 27th birthday.  We started out by doing some work at camp in the morning so we could have the entire afternoon and evening off.  I gave Jeff this first half of his gift, two movies right up his alley: Team America and Super Troopers.  He got a kick out of them. 
After lunch we packed up some snacks and towels and headed out on the quad.  There is an amazing waterfall hidden way down the road, even more in the middle of nowhere than our camp.  It takes an hour to get there and we accidentally forgot the map. Oops!  Thankfully, we did not get lost down some quad trail.  After spending an hour or so at the falls, exploring and picnicking, we decided it was time to head back.
The last part of Jeff's birthday was supposed to be dinner and a walk.  The Plaza is a little Greek restaurant in Kenora that is crazy busy!!  We managed to snag a back booth where we had our lovely romantic dinner.  We laughed, we talked, we ate way too much food.
Eventually we left on our walk to the lovely Husky the Musky.  Despite the massive fish, the gardens there are beautiful and there is a lookout spot where we sat and looked out over the city while the fountain blew a hundred feet in the air.  I gave Jeff the rest of his gift, which consisted of Keith Urban tickets and a BP gift card.  Needless to say, he was excited.
We waited while people took pictures of the fountain and Jeff managed to hold his tongue, but not quite long enough.  He whispered to me while we sat there, "I was almost going to say something rude to make them leave!"  I asked, "Like what?"  "Everyone these days goes out and buys these fancy cameras and thinks they are a photographer."  Turns out the lady with the camera was only just behind us, still taking pictures.  She left pretty quick after that.
"Well, this was a pretty okay birthday but it wasn't the best one I've had."  Jeff said to me and stood.
My face fell.  I had tried so hard to make it such an amazing birthday, our first one as a couple.
"But you know what would make it an amazing birthday?"  He got down on one knee and pulled out this small box.  "If you would marry me and become my wife."
I lost my breath after that one.  Nice sneak attack on Jeff's part.  "Are you shitting me?"  I asked.  "Are you serious?"
He nodded and laughed and I nodded and whispered, "Yes" as he slipped the most amazing ring onto my shaking finger.
We hugged and kissed and I teared up a bit.  Eventually we walked back to the truck, talking and laughing the whole way.  Mostly Jeff was just laughing at me while I was stuck in my shock.  He apparently had carried the ring around all day, waiting.  Who knew?
Thanks to everyone who planned and kept the secret from me for MONTHS!  It was the most amazing, beautiful surprise ever.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Entirely too Tired

Sundays should be relaxing.  I don't remember the last time I actually did nothing on God's day of rest.  Yes I do have other days where sometimes I am able to breathe a little.  But all I want, is a time where I can focus on God and only Him.
It would be nice to talk to people I don't always get to chat with, to visit family I don't always get to see...something besides work.  Wouldn't that be lovely; something besides working.

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Well.  Yesterday was my first telephone conversation with my boyfriend.  It was the first time we spoke to each other in a week apart from a few texts and a few Facebook messages.  Honestly I nearly burst into tears right in the middle of it.
He might not care one bit but I miss the heck out of him.  Then he goes and tells me he has this brand new phone.  It's all great and fancy and he spent more than 300$ on it.  Lovely.  Yet he can't seem to buy a girl some flippen' flowers!  Yes, I am jealous of a phone.
Anywho.  The radio phone out here cut us off after half an hour and I had to go eat dinner.  Then when I tried texting him later that evening, he was too busy to talk.  And today we were supposed to have another phone chat but once again, he is too busy... and what he is "busy" with, is not even anything important. 
Half an hour out of his day to call his girlfriend who he hasn't seen in more than a week and won't see for nearly ten days.  Wow.  Thanks for making me feel special and loved.  I am out in the boonies, by myself.  I am tired and lonely.  All I want is for some company for thirty freakin' minutes.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Well yesterday was quite the day.  I slept in for once in my life, I had a bath that was longer than just ten minutes, and I actually read a book that did not involve large, scientific terms.  To say the least, things started out quite relaxing.
Mid-afternoon I drove into the city and met up with a friend and her fiance.  We went to a nearby park and I snapped a few pictures for them.  This being my second official photoshoot, I was seriously excited.  I took more than seventy pictures but of course only around fifteen of them were good enough.  That's how it seems to go.
That being done, I returned to my little apartment and sat around for a couple hours debating whether to go grocery shopping or wait.  I watched part of a movie and when that wrapped up I threw on some boots and went out.  My grocery shopping has never been as healthy as it was yesterday!  Everything involved fruit, low fat, low sugar, low calories.  Apparently I am having a fruit salad today.  Horrah!
Once again at home, I managed to plop myself on the couch once more and watch television for two hours.  Keeping up with the Kardashians.... now that is quite the show.  I just could not turn it off.  It was so fascinating.  Almost like a train wreck.
Thank goodness it was time to head out again before I turned into a blob.  This time I drove across town to meet up with some friends for school at the good ol' Olive Garden.  I ordered way too much food and never finished it all but had a blast seeing people I hadn't seen over the past two weeks!  Oh how I will miss those people.
Now why is the title of this wow?  I am just so amazingly blessed to have been able to experience such a wonderful day.  It honestly baffles me how people cannot believe in something more when their lives are so great.  Even during the bad days, there are those little things that just remind us of who is in control.
Today my partner has a meeting with his boss and I have been up for two hours now waiting to hear how it went.  Yes I am nervous for him since he does not know the reason for it, but I have been praying.  I know God will watch over him and carry him through. 
There is lots of things that need to get done today... so I better get going and do them!  I need to stop worrying and have a little faith. 

Saturday, March 5, 2011


So I wake up at three a.m. to take a early morning bathroom break.  I know that his phone died so I decide to check my Facebook.  Of course I had gone on a huge rant before bed about him and his past and most of that stemmed from some Bimbo comment on his picture.  It was absolutely stupid.
But anyways, back on track.  I had a single message and it was pretty basic:
"hey question for yea, what kinda style of ring would you wear?"
I of course had to keep my cool so I tried to keep my reply casual.  He had joked about proposing in the past with an onion ring he would boil up himself.  Such a romantic.
My first reply was joking a bit:
"Ring? Not onion... too greasy."
Then I became serious and had to try not to start sending him pictures of this gorgeous ring I had seen the other day...
"But seriously. Ummm. My grad ring was like yours only smaller and I found that although it looked good it was a bit too chunky for me. Like really... I have tiny hands.
I guess simple but elegant? Sort of classic.. Does that make sense? White over yellow just because I like the look of it. Lol."
This morning he tells me to send him some pictures.  I sent him four.  Two had diamonds in them and I know he has issues with the morality of diamonds but I figure he can change the stone.  The other two had emeralds.  All were white gold.  They were all super simple but super gorgeous.
Can I apologize enough for my freak out yesterday?