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Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Burger Rant

Today, the lovely fast-food restaurant, A&W had their annual Muscular Sclerosis fundraiser.  Customers were able to donate for the past month or so, but on August 25th money from every Teen Burger bought across Canada went towards research for MS.  Unfortunately, I was unable to drive into town to by myself a burger or two and support this great cause.
Instead, I phoned my grandparents who were in town for the day.  I would be getting a burger for supper and helping those who have MS.  I thought for sure this would be something my grandparents would be willing to do.  It was not even out of their way.  My granny told me, however, that they were planning on picking up chicken.
This does not help anybody really!  Chicken is a great deal worse for the body than a burger and KFC does not have any fundraisers going to help find a cure for a horrible disease.
I pointed this out and would you like to know what I got in return?  "People don't help anybody with Lymes."  I honestly almost slammed the phone down.  I am so incredibly tired of hearing about Lymes disease.  She uses it as an excuse for anything and everything.  Quite often there are magical symptoms that she comes down with that are not actually associated with the disease.  It is simply something used to gain attention, and I am being deadly serious when I say this.
Apart from this.  Lymes disease is completely, 100% curable.  Yes some people spend years with it before they are diagnosed, but once they have been it does not take long to rid themselves of the disease.    People no longer need to support Lymes research because they have already found the cure! 
Muscular Sclerosis is still a mystery to scientists.  There is no known cause and no known cure.  Research has found a way to temporarily hold it at bay, but even that is not forever.  Some doctors have found a solution that cures some with the disease, but even this has not proved successful for others.
I understand that having any disease is a horrible experience.  Depending on what it is, it can be extremely painful and exhausting.  It can even take your life. 
How many family members or friends do you know suffer from MS?  This is something that affects millions of people all across the globe.  We should all contribute where we can.  I cannot afford to donate hundreds or thousands of dollars, but I know I can afford to buy one burger on one day of the year and even donate the remainder of my change.  Every little bit counts people; do what you can!


  1. Paul had a friend who passed away with MS, years ago we visited her when D was a year old, I remember crying in the corner of the hospice room as Paul talked to her and I tried to keep D quiet. The tears were streaming down my face, the friend was blind from her disease, thank goodness that she couldn't see my sorrow for the disease that was slowly killing her. It makes me weep just thinking about that day. Your heart was in the right place Stef, you can't dictate how your g.parents feel, but you are in the right path with your thoughts, and that's what counts.
    With much love Christine

  2. Awe Christine that is so horrible. I know my gps may not share the same sentiments, but I know a handful of people with MS. They are all at different stages and I just feel so useless! I always just wish there is something more to be done.